Hey Everyone
I’ve fallen a bit behind lately….. ooops! we’ve been SUPER busy so I’ll give a quick brief on Strasbourg and Switzerland.

Strasbourg was relatively quiet. We had lectures but there isn’t much to see in the city so we spent a lot of time working on assignments, etc. And Switzerland was reaaaally cool! We had cook outs 3 of the 4 nights where we had sausage and chicken with potatoes and peppers. The preparing was actually lots of fun and everything turned out well except for the potatoes. Those were burnt on the outside and VERY uncooked on the inside…. not too enjoyable lol. We then hiked to Murren the one day, which was a steep climb but it had lots of breaks in between thank goodness. The view was AMAZING. It felt like it was out of a post card. We had lunch at the top – Alison and I bought bread and cheese and the cheapest meat we could buy…. everything was really expensive! I fell in love with a cafe though! They had THE most amazing brownies I’ve EVER had. But the Swiss are too lax for my liking. Soooo many times we would try to go for lunch or go shopping and all the stores would be closed. Like the one gift shop was open for a max of 3 hours a day….. how does it even survive? And they really need to switch to Euros… the whole swiss-franc thing was totally annoying. Buuut their chocolate makes up for it. It was super cheap which was awesome! I bought chocolate bars for the equivalent of 40 cents and they were delicious 🙂

We just arrived in Germany yesterday and went to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner. There were lots of patriotic Germans and sketchy mustaches LOL. We have some funny pictures of them. Today we had a lecture and were assigned an essay so I havent seen much of the city yet. Tomorrow we head to a concentration camp which should be cool. I’ll try to keep you updated on the rest!
Love and miss you all!



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Day 4 – Versailles


So today was like the best day by far. We didn’t have to work out thank goooodness! However I set my alarm for an hour early – realized while I was in the shower so I threw my yoga pants on as my day outfit and crawled into bed for another hour. We had our lecture in a little court yard where a bum walked past us listening to the lecture, looked at me and said “you’re wasting your time”. Hahaha advice from bums is the best….. He proceeded to then pick through the trash…. And what are you doing with YOUR time bud? LOL But then we caught the train to Versailles, wrote our morning note and then arrived at the palace. We had a challenge to complete today where we were in groups and whichever group from the most Parisian lunch won. My group was Allison, Emma, Sarah Millet, Luke and Hunter. We decided to get some baguettes, 2 quiche, some meat, brie and macaroons….. We asked the french meat shop owner to help us find some “authentic french meat”. We ended up with some HORRIBLE pate. No word of a lie. We thought we would win the challenge considering its quite traditional…. however our presentation wasn’t as good as the other group. The entire meal was just laughs – we couldn’t get over how unedible it actually was. Then we played a game of British bull dog in a random field where a police kicked us off because some women had complained about it. It was crab grass!!!! Like who even cares. We got a little muddy……

Then we went through the palace which was cool. And then headed home. After a quick meal we decided to call it an early night… I passed up gelato. You know I’m tired when

So I’m off to bed, gotta get a good night sleep before my 7 am work out on the bridge.

Lots of love,


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Day 2 and 3

Hello everyone,

It has been an exciting and busy couple of days, so I’m usually too tired by the time we get back to the hotel. On our second day we started the day off with a run, upper body work out and then a game of ultimate frisbee in the Louvre courtyard. I can’t wait until I’ve got the hang of that game. Then after showering and breakfast we went to Notre Dame where we had our first lecture about the cosmology of the catholic church which was pretty cool. Then we were allowed to explore the church. Afterwards we had a poetry assignment to complete 3 poems about 3 different peices…. gah I’m not so good at that. We had dinner that night at an Italian restaurant which was delicious and the calamari was awesome!

Yesterday we woke up to rain and had our other workou – run then leg work out and we skipped on the ultimate frisbee because the louvre courtyard gets quite slippery in the rain. Around 9 we met for breakfast and then went to the Louvre again where we completed short stories. Mine was really bad hahah I’m just not very creative! Then we had the afternoon off so 6 other girls and myself walked through Paris where we took pictures, ate some pastries and got a bit lost. Then we visited the D’Orsay which was quite interesting. The art was a lot cooler…. It was impressionist stuff. I also saw Van Gogh’s work and Monet’s which were some of my favourite. Then we were given money for dinner and split into 3 groups. I was with Sarah Millet, Allison, Luke, Hunter and Emma – it was a lot of fun. Outside there was a crazy women who was just kissing everybody – it provided quite the entertainment! Then we headed back to the hotel where I passed out within minutes.

This morning I awoke an hour earlier than I needed to -.- But I realized once I was in the shower and crawled back into bed. We’re off to Versailles though! So au revoir!

Lots of love,


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Bonjour from Paris!

So we’ve arrived safe and sound! We flew out of Toronto on time, on a HUGE plane – it had like 60 rows! The flight attendant saw us attempting to squish our huge carry on bags under the seats and quickly told us that we were taking a plane with waaay more seats than necessary and we were welcome to spread out. So of course we took advantage of this. It was awesome, I had 3 seats to lay across like my own personal bed, and I was only awoken once by a flight attendant because of turbulence. We arrived groggy and tired at Charles Du Gualle around 9 or 10 ish and after getting all our bags, going through customs and finding the bus we finally arrived in PARIS! We did a quick walk through the city, where I stopped for my first crepe. However, I bought a savoury crepe and immediately regretted not getting a sweet one. My roommates, Katie and Sarah, and I went back to the room around 2. I passed out immediately and around 4:30 we decided to hit the streets again before dinner. We walked to Notre Dame where we saw some crazy hip hop. The cops broke it up though. It began to rain around 6, so we met as a group for dinner just down the road from the hotel. Joe ordered us meals to share so for appetizers Sarah M., Ryan, Luke and I shared a platter of different cheeses and prosciutto. We then shared viel, pork, steak and duck. It was wonderful! Joe then took us to see Notre Dame at night, which was awesome because there was no crowd in comparison to the day. We then went for a bit of a walk through the city and just came back to the hotel room now. It’s surreal being backing here again! But anyways, I should head to bed, we have a nice 7 am work out headed our way.

Hugs & Kisses,



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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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